Testing Process

How Do I Get a Device Tested?

The manufacturer initiates the testing process by completing a copy of the BTL Lab Test Application form and BTL Checklist. The BTL Checklist can be found on the Test Documentation Page under current Test Package. The manufacturer is also required to read and sign the BTL Lab Standard Product Testing Agreement. These forms, along with the $750 application fee, should be sent to the BACnet International Office (address on application form). DO NOT SEND THE PRODUCT AT THIS TIME! Click here for BTL Lab Forms

The Testing Services Team will supply an Application Acceptance letter which includes an estimate for testing time and cost as well as an approximate test entry date. The current BTL Testing Package is on the BTL website for the manufacturer to review. This package will contain the list of tests performed by the testing organizations.

About three weeks before the estimated test date, the Testing Services Team will send the manufacturer a blank IUT Special Test Instructions form and example EPICS file, if needed. Both of these files must be received by the Lab prior to testing. The Testing Services Team will also send a blank shipping form (Proforma Invoice) and shipping instructions for sending the device to the BTL Lab. If the manufacturer is not ready to ship its product, it may request a delayed shipping time.

The Testing Services Team will contact the manufacturer once testing has begun. There will be continuous contact by the Lab throughout testing alerting the manufacturer of any failures that have occurred. Once testing has been successfully completed, the manufacturer will be notified and will receive a preliminary test report. The final test report will be sent out a few days after.

What to Submit with the Product

When the product is shipped to the BTL Lab, it should include any documentation necessary for the Lab to be able to safely configure and set-up the product for testing. Other documents that must be sent to the Lab, either with the product shipment or via the Testing Services Team, are an EPICS for the product, as described in ASHRAE Standard 135.1, and any IUT Testing Instructions. Please also include any additional equipment, specialty cables, drivers, or applications that are needed for downloading new firmware in case that should be required.

If these documents are shipped to the Lab with the product, a copy should also be sent to the Testing Services Manager to be filed with the application, and held for reference if questions should arise at the Lab.